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Concrete Repair, Preparation, and Rehab Demolition

Is your floor chipped, cracked, or unsightly due to failed surface coatings? 

Joint Filling

IND can improve any facility by repairing flooring blemishes, such as joints or cracks. The IND team is highly experienced, and uses only the best products to prevent future joint and crack problems.

Surface Prep / Coating Removal

The best part about polished concrete is that our clients already have the main ingredient: IND just brings it to the surface.  A IND crew will remove epoxy mortar, VCT tile, paint, polyurethane, acrylic, and any two-part epoxy. Underneath the existing coating is a concrete floor that, through the Natural Wonder Floor System, will not only look esthetically pleasing, but add value and durability to the floor. 

Concrete Repair /Rehab Demolition

Regardless of the condition of your current floor, IND can assess the problem and our expert crew can repair the damage so that your flooring vision becomes a reality.


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