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The Natural Wonder floor level 4 is truly one of the most stunning flooring systems on the market.  It includes all of the benefits of the NW3 floor plus two additional polishing steps.  First IND will remove any coatings that have been applied to the concrete, and complete the surface grinding to diamond level the floor.  An application of an impregnating concrete hardener is applied.  Once the hardener has densified the surface, five polishing steps are performed, resulting in an incredibly rich, lustrous shine.    

The monolithic, glossy appearance of this flooring method is often compared to much more costly flooring systems, such as marble and terrazzo. The floor will actually reflect not only the lighting in the facility, but will also mirror the colors from the objects surrounding it.

The NW4, as with all the Natural Wonder Floor Systems,  is far more durable than any floor coating or overlay system on the market. In addition, the NW4 is less expensive than the majority of epoxy and urethane coatings, which require frequent reapplication. 

(NW4 is equivalent to *IPCI Sheen Level 4 – Glossy Shine


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