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Natural Wonder Floor Sheen Level 2

The Natural Wonder floor level 2 includes complete coating removal and diamond leveling of surfaces, followed by application of an impregnating concrete hardener as well an additional polish step to give the floor a low sheen.

This service provides smooth, durable, and easy to maintain floor surfaces that cost less than conventional floor coatings and its low shine is both aesthetically pleasing and durable to hold up to years of use.

Many clients enjoy this sheen level as it gives the same sleek look as the Level 1 matte, but with a slight shine that provides some light reflection.  The result is a flooring system that is unique, with a monolithic, subtle luster to compliment any facility, whether industrial, retail, or commercial.

(NW2 is equivalent to *IPCI Sheen Level 2 – Low Sheen)


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