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How to Maintain your Floor

No more waxing and stripping!

IND provides a flooring solution that enables our clients to reduce their current maintenance plan due to the limited upkeep needed to care for the natural shine of polished concrete. Polished concrete floors are hard wearing, easy to maintain, and will last on average 5 to 7 years or more before a repolish may be desired.  Repolishing, when finally needed, will restore the original shine at only a fraction of the cost!

The best preventive treatment for your polished concrete floor is to have the proper sealant applied when you first have your floors serviced. The proper sealant will help protect against any stains.

CPS Recommends…

Concrete Polishing Solutions recommends daily cleaning to help maintain your polished floor. This can be done by using a simple PC sweeping compound made from blended oils and emollients to break up surface soils, in conjunction with a neutral cleaner, like PC soap.  PC soap is strong enough for the most difficult soils, yet gentle enough not to harm the lustrous shine. An auto scrubber with soft brushes or a standard mop will assist in protecting the polished floor.

Never use products or brushes on a polished floor that are not approved for polished concrete.  These products can quickly dull your shine.


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