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What is Polished Concrete?

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Environmental Sustainability

Benefits of a Dry Polish System

Dry polishing is the newest advancement in the polished concrete field.  It is advantageous, as it allows grinding and polishing to take place without the hassle of wet grinding.  Wet grinding not only requires the added logistics of obtaining a water source, it also creates a messy slurry, which must be collected and disposed of.  With dry polishing, 98% of all airborne particulates are collected through the use of a HEPA filtration vacuum system.  This enables the polishing process to take place without any down time to the facility being serviced.

In dry polishing, first a series of grinding steps are employed to flatten the floor and remove the top layer of the concrete.  Depending on the aggregate choice of the customer and the existing condition of the concrete, IND will remove between 1/64th of an inch up to 1/2 inch of concrete during these grinding steps.  Next, IND polishes the concrete up to the desired shine using a series of resin bonded diamond steps.  The result ranges from a matte to glossy shine, depending on the clients preference, but always results in an amazing transformation!



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