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Decorative Craftsmanship

There are numerous decorative options available today to create whatever vision clients may have in mind.  The Natural Wonder Floor System works great with any aggregate exposure, colorant, or engraved pattern, no matter what level of sheen you desire. 

1. Aggregate Levels: Depending on the existing floor conditions and budgetary considerations, there are three levels of aggregate choices for clients: Cream (a polish with little to no exposed rock), Small Aggregate, or Large Aggregate.  

2. Colorants: Unlike acid stains and topical dyes, Perfect Colorants penetrate deep into the concrete to  give the surface a deep luster that will not fade with foot traffic.

3. Logos and Engraving Options: IND can engrave or dye your logo into your floor, creating a one of a kind look for your interior.

Looking for something special?  IND can customize a pattern or color to match your design.  Whether it be a colorant that coordinates with the decor in your office, or a specialized logo design for your entry way, IND has the knowledge and craftsmanship to create your your floor!


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